Driving Lessons Telford


Learn to drive is a chapter of everyones lives nowadays, it’s a completely new experience for younger people when they turn 17. It’s isn’t like any other form of tuition that they have had so far, driving lessons don’t take place in a classroom! It’s very different, one to one tuition, which in itself is an important learning curve for driving student to get used to for later life.

This is why driving instructors are such an important choice to make when learning to drive, they have to understand the pressure, nerves and new things that students have to get used to while they are learning to drive.

Mr Max Driving School have been providing professional and understanding driving lessons since 1999, in a car that is ideal for beginners, a Suzuki Swift. If you are new to driving, then your driving instructor will start you off slowly with basic control and workings of the car to give you an understanding of however thing works. Then you will be introduced to some of the basic skills, such as starting and stopping the car properly.

At the time you may even find this difficult to perfect, but rest assured these are the simply learning curves that every single learner driver goes through soon enough these basic things will become second nature and you will wonder how you ever found it tricky to start off with. The reason is simple, it’s something new and different than you have ever done before. From here, you will be introduced part by part to new and different aspects of driving and you will be given plenty of opportunity to get comfortable with driving, without new aspects being thrown in.

Before you even know it you will be a confident and comfortable person behind the wheel and only when both your instructor and sometimes more importantly yourself is comfortable to take your driving test you will.

Here at Mr Max Driving School, we understand all of this and that is why you will be in good hands to take your driving lessons in Telford with us!

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