Pass Plus and intensive driving training with a qualified instructor in Telford

Drivers who have recently obtained a full license may decide to take a Pass Plus course to further hone their driving skills. This practically based course is taken over a minimum of six hours and aims to build the foundation for a lifetime of confident, safe driving. New drivers may be interested to hear that many insurers offer discounts to those who complete their Pass Plus course. Ask your insurer to find out if you'll be eligible!

The Pass Plus course covers the following areas of driving:

  • Towns and cities
  • Varying weather conditions
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways
  • Night driving
  • Rural roads

Under normal circumstances, all modules will be taken at the wheel, though they may be substituted for theory based alternatives should weather conditions be unsuitable. There is no test for this qualification; you just need to meet the required standard in each module. 

Max is a trusted driving instructor and has helped many pupils throughout Telford improve their skills and confidence. To learn more about our pass plus as well as intensive driving training courses in Telford, get in touch with us today.