Practical test driver training with a leading Telford driving school

Here's what to expect on the day of your practical test:

Show Me, Tell Me

Before starting your test, you'll need to complete an eyesight check. You'll be asked to read a number plate from a set distance. You'll then be asked two vehicle safety questions, drawing on what you have learned during your lessons. During the 'show me' component, you'll be asked to demonstrate how you would carry out a certain vehicle safety check. The 'tell me' section requires you to explain how you would carry out a different safety check.

Practical Test

During the practical test, you'll need to drive without any serious faults in order to pass. The examiner will record any minor faults. In order to pass, you must complete the test with no more than 15 minor faults and no major faults. This part of the test generally takes around 40 minutes. For those taking an extended test because of a driving disqualification, the test will last around 70 minutes. Throughout the test you must follow the examiner's instructions. During the test, you'll be asked to demonstrate that you can safely complete a reverse manoeuvre. You'll also be tested on your general driving ability. The test will incorporate approximately 10 minutes of independent driving to assess how well you can make driving decisions on your own. 

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