Theory and hazard perception tuition with a qualified instructor in Telford

In order to obtain a full driving license, all learner pupils must pass both their theory and practical tests. Whilst these tests can be challenging, a good driving instructor will help pupils to prepare for them. My beginner lessons aim to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge they'll need to pass with flying colours. Until you pass your theory test you will not be eligible to take your practical test. 

Theory Test

The theory component includes two separate modules:

  • 50 multiple choice questions based on driving theory
  • An interactive hazard perception module

Both modules will be taken at a computer in the test centre. The theory questions will test your knowledge in areas such as:

  • Road signs
  • Vehicle safety
  • Stopping distances in varying conditions
  • Speed limits

Single answers are required for the majority of the questions, though some will require multiple answers. The minimum pass mark for the theory test is 43 out of 50. To help maximise your chance of passing your theory test, it is recommended that you purchase a copy of the Highway Code. This book contains all the information you'll need for the test. You can take a mock theory test at any time at After answering the theory questions, you'll be given a short break before sitting the hazard perception module. 

Hazard Perception

You'll be shown 13 video clips, each depicting an everyday traffic scenario with a hazard. As soon as you see a hazard developing, click your mouse button. You'll be given a score between one and five for each clip, depending on how quickly you reacted to the hazard. Any event that calls for you to stop, change speed or direction is considered a hazard.

In order to achieve your theory test certificate you must pass both the theory and hazard perception components.

The fee to take your theory test is currently £31.

If you're preparing to take your theory test, good luck!

If you are based in Telford and you would like to find our more about our available driving lessons, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.